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"Finally, a Proven Method For Women
Who Want To End Their Struggle With
Emotional Eating!"

Yes it is possible...
(and it's much easier than you think).

Hi, I'm Katrina Love Senn.

If you are interested in ending your struggle with emotional eating, then this could be one of the most important messages you ever read...

  • Do you turn to food when you feel sad, angry or upset?

  • Do you ever comfort eat and not know the reason why?

  • Have you dieted in the past, only to gain the weight back again?

  • Has your emotional eating led to a loss of self-confidence?

  • Are you ready to end your struggle with emotional eating? 

  • If you answered "YES" to any of these questions, then please keep reading... 

    For what I am about to share with you could change your life forever...

    Katrina Love Senn

    Author, Healer and Teacher.

    Here's why:

    I've just created an amazing 7 day guided meditation program called Healing Meditations for Emotional Eating.

    It's a revolutionary new way to help you heal emotional eating for good.

    Can you imagine how good it would feel to finally be free of emotional eating?

    What if there was a way to:

  • Release the stress that drives emotional eating?

  • Live free from uncontrollable food cravings?

  • Lose weight naturally and rebalance your body?

  • Why Women Struggle With Emotional Eating

    The number one reason women struggle with emotional eating is stress!

    That's right... STRESS!

    Emotional eating is a common coping strategy that women use to deal with stress.

    Coping strategies can yield temporary relief and distraction from anxiety and overwhelm.

    However, emotional eating does not resolve these stressful thoughts and feelings.

    But rather, is a way to soothe, pacify and placate them.

    Sure emotional eating can help you to feel better in the moment. 

    But once the temporary effects have worn off, you will end up feeling much worse.

    I know I certainly did...

    Although emotional eating is a common coping strategy for women, it is not the only one.

    Others include excessive shopping, exercise, television, sex, smoking, alcohol, drugs, work, gossip and even drama.

    Coping strategies like emotional eating don't address the real problem... 

    And as a result, they can never provide a permanent solution...

  • How Meditation Helps Reduce Stress

    The fastest and most effective way to reduce emotional stress is through meditation.

    I have seen countless examples of this through my work as a yoga teacher and healer.

    Meditation can help you to step back from the constant demands of your everyday life. 

    It will give you a safe space to retreat to...

    Even in those busy moments when you feel surrounded by chaos...

    Meditation can help you let go of the past, so you can become more present in your life.

    It can also assist with releasing fears about the future... 

    So you can reconnect back to yourself and what is truly important.

    And the good thing about meditation is that it is something that anyone can do.

    You don't need any special abilities or mystical talents.

    All you need is a willingness to get started...

    Healing Meditations for Emotional Eating

    Healing Meditations for Emotional Eating was born through overcoming my own emotional eating struggles.

    And it also benefits from my many years of experience as an international yoga teacher and healer.

    It offers an integrative, honouring and healing approach. It recognises the inherent beauty, wisdom and power that is residing within you.

    The Healing Meditations for Emotional Eating program will help you to:

  • End pesky food cravings and addictions

  • Release old emotional patterns that are making you feel tired and sluggish

  • Let go of old ways of thinking that are keeping you feeling stuck and frustrated

  • Create a new loving relationship with your body and your self

  • Develop a regular meditation practice even if you don't know where to start

  • Who This Program Isn't For 

    Healing Meditations for Emotional Eating isn't suitable for anyone looking for:

  • A fad, starvation or yo-yo dieting program

  • A bootcamp style fitness regime

  • Restrictive calorie counting and portion control

  • A quick-fix solution to all of life's problems

  • Hi, I'm Katrina Love Senn

    I'm an internationally renowned author, healer and teacher.

    I help women to lose weight naturally, heal emotional eating and start living their dreams.

    You may recognise my name from my two books:

    Losing Weight is A Healing Journey and Heal Emotional Eating For Good.

    Or from my Yoga DVD called Yoga for Weight Loss.

    Or perhaps you've read one of my articles on popular health and wellness websites.

    Like MindBodyGreen, Elephant Journal or Food Matters...

    Or maybe you've come across one of my yoga and healing retreats.

    I have run them all over the world...

    In beautiful places like the Greek Islands, Italy, Sardinia, Turkey, Thailand, Vietnam and Bali.

    I've also had the privilege of working privately with many celebrity clients through my signature Breakthrough Healing Sessions.

    I must admit that today I live a blessed and fortunate life.

    But let me assure you it hasn't always been this way...

  • Katrina is the author of 2 books.

    Her first book is Losing Weight is a Healing Journey and her second is Heal Emotional Eating For Good.

    From Breakdown To Breakthrough

    When I started my healing journey I was in a pretty bad place.

    I was sick, tired and more than 60 pounds overweight.

    I was also suffering from a host of chronic ailments.

    Including asthma, eczema, hypothyroidism, chronic fatigue syndrome and adrenal exhaustion.

    I had spent the majority of my teenage years struggling with my body, my weight and self image.

    I tried everything to try and control my emotional eating...

    This included many of the popular mainstream dieting approaches... 

    And nothing seemed to work...

    No matter how hard I tried...

    Sure I'd occasionally lose a couple of pounds to start with...

    But eventually emotional stress or upset would kick in...

    And I would find myself reaching for my favourite comfort foods...

    Perhaps you can relate?

    My Body Breakdown

    Just days before my twentieth birthday, my body completely broke down.

    I was overseas attending a university conference when my body collapsed.

    I was rushed back home on the first available flight...

    My doctor ordered that I undergo urgent and extensive medical tests.

    She also wanted to put me on a course of experimental medication. 

    But I just knew that there had to be another way.

    I spent the next couple of months of my life bedridden.

    I slept for days on end waking only to be spoon fed by my mother.

    Being stuck in bed all day, I had the chance to observe my sick, tired and overweight body.

    I was so frustrated that my life had taken such an awful turn.

    I had been feeling badly about myself for years...

    And now my body was revealing the strain...

    From this humbling starting place, I began to wonder if it was even possible for me to get better...

    I certainly didn't want to be trapped in this desperate situation forever...

    Despite the bleakness of my circumstances, I knew in my heart that I was finally ready to turn my life around...

  • How I Discovered Meditation

    I discovered meditation quite by accident...

    I was feeling so stressed and upset about being bedridden.

    Thankfully I found a healing guide who assured me it was possible to release my stress and heal my body.

    She introduced me to the importance of bringing mind, body and spirit into balance.

    So I went home and decided to see if it was possible to totally relax both my mind and body.

    I didn't even realise it was called meditation back then...

    I started by lying down comfortably on my bed with my eyes closed...

    I would then do my best to calm my thoughts and feelings.

    At first, I was only able to meditate for a few minutes at a time...

    With practice, I was able to build up to longer sessions...

    I loved the peaceful and relaxing feelings that my meditation sessions gave me.

    Once I gained confidence, I also started to visualise myself happy, healthy and well again.

    Slowly but surely, with the help of my meditation practice, I started to simplify and transform my life.

    The True Value Of Health

    It is true what they say... you only discover the real value of something when it is taken from you.

    Losing my health was one of the most challenging experiences of my life.

    On the positive side, it did give me the courage to start my healing journey.

    My meditation practice inspired me to deeply care, love and appreciate my body.

    I stopped eating foods that contained ingredients that I couldn't pronounce. 

    Or ones that looked like they had been created in a 'science laboratory'.

    Instead, I substituted these toxic 'fake foods' with 'real foods'. 

    Just as nature intended...

    I discovered that it was possible to eat food that tasted delicious and was good for me.

    I substituted the bad things out of my diet and replaced them with the good.

    As my energy increased, I also added in some gentle movement...

    This included walking, stretching and yoga...

  • And You Know What?

    It worked!

    I began to turn my life around and get well again...

    My meditation practice gave me a whole new lease of life.

    It helped me to release the pain and suffering that was at the root of my emotional eating.

    And my food cravings completely disappeared.

    I ended up losing over 60 pounds in the process (that's around 50 tubs of butter!).

    And have kept it off for well over a decade now.

    I also healed my chronic ailments.

    This all became possible by using gentle mind-body healing tools. 

    Which of course included one of my favourite healing tools...


    Meditation had a profound impact on my healing journey. 

    And I know that it can work for you too...

    And that is why I am so excited to be able to share my Healing Meditations for Emotional Eating program with you.

    I want you to feel at home in your body...

    Free from the shame and guilt that comes from binge eating...

    I want you to feel confident to move forward and take back control of your life...

    Healing Meditations For Emotional Eating

    7 Day Meditation Program

    I'm so excited to introduce you to a healing method that is far more effective than dieting.

    One that honours your uniqueness as a person.

    Healing Meditations for Emotional Eating is a complete 7 day healing program.

    It works holistically on a physical, mental and emotional level.

    I have created the program to be easy and accessible...

    So you can start releasing the stress at the root of emotional eating right now!

    This guided meditation program requires no prior experience or knowledge.

    All you need to do is just sit or lay down comfortably...

    And listen in a calm and relaxed space.

    You can do this from the comfort of your own home or office...

    I want you to know that you can transform your emotional eating habits and lose weight naturally.

    Even if you have been an emotional eater your entire life...

  • What's Included?

    Healing Meditations for Emotional Eating is a comprehensive 7 day self-healing program. 

    It's designed to relax your body, mind and emotions.

    Each day you will be given two meditations... 

    (1) A short morning meditation (6-10 minutes)

    (2) A longer evening meditation (10-15 minutes)

    The meditations are guided with my voice...

    So all you need to do is press play, sit back, close your eyes and relax.



    MORNING MEDITATION:  Your Healing Journey

    EVENING MEDITATION:   Starting Your Healing Journey


    MORNING MEDITATION:  Choosing To Heal
    EVENING MEDITATION:   Taking Baby Steps


    EVENING MEDITATION:   Releasing The Past


    MORNING MEDITATION:  Listening To Your Body
    EVENING MEDITATION:   Looking Within


    MORNING MEDITATION:  Emotional Awareness

    EVENING MEDITATION:   Emotional Healing


    MORNING MEDITATION:  Nourishing Thoughts

    EVENING MEDITATION:   Transforming Old Stories


    MORNING MEDITATION:  Living Life Fully

    EVENING MEDITATION:   Emotional Freedom

    Why I Created This Program

    The idea for this program came when I was writing my second book Heal Emotional Eating For Good.

    In my book I share the profound impact that meditation had on my healing journey.

    Meditation helped me to transform my life on so many levels...

    It helped me to heal my emotional eating for good.

    And lose over 60 pounds in the process!

    It also helped me to reconnect back to my intuition, creativity and sense of aliveness.

    Writing about this experience filled me with inspiration to share the healing powers of meditation...

    So that other women could experience it for themselves...

    I've seen meditation help so many women all over the world.

    I've seen them literally transform before my eyes to become physically, mentally and emotionally 'lighter'.

    Simply by allowing themselves to completely relax their minds and bodies...

    And now, I want you to experience this incredible feeling for yourself...

  • Getting The Most Out Of The Program

    The Healing Meditations for Emotional Eating is a holistic program and has been created to help you transform your life.

    It has been designed to work in harmony with your body, mind and emotions.

    The program will guide you to release and reprogram negative beliefs and limiting thought patterns.

    It will also help align your subconscious mind with your conscious mind... 

    So you can put an end to self sabotaging behaviours and lose weight naturally.

    For best results, I recommend that you listen to all 14 meditations over a 7 day period.

    This will give you the chance to connect and familiarise yourself with each of the healing meditations.

    It will also allow you to experience your inner transformation happening.

    You might also find it useful to journal how you feel after your meditation.

    Be sure to write down any breakthroughs you receive.

    Once you have listened to the full program, you can go back and listen to your favourite meditations.

    How to Access Your Program

    After you purchase the Healing Meditations For Emotional Eating program, we will email your membership login details.

    So you can access the meditations immediately.

    You can download the recordings and listen to them through any of your devices.

    Including your computer, tablet or mobile phone.

    You could be enjoying all the benefits of meditation in just minutes from now!

  • About Katrina Love Senn

    Katrina Love Senn is an internationally renowned author, healer and teacher.

    She helps women to lose weight naturally, heal emotional eating and start living their dreams.

    She has written two ground breaking books Losing Weight is a Healing Journey and Heal Emotional Eating for Good. Katrina has taught her unique Healing Hatha Yoga Classes and Retreats all over the world.

    Including beautiful places like the Greek Islands, Italy, Sardinia, Turkey, Thailand, Vietnam and Bali.

    Katrina has been featured on Sky TV, Natural Health magazine and High Spirit magazine.

    She is also a regular contributor for popular wellness blogs MindBodyGreen, Elephant Journal and Food Matters.

    She is a natural intuitive and has a fun, warm and heart-centred approach to living and life.

    She infuses her teaching with inspiration, love and encouragement.

    What Other Women Are Saying

    Here is what other women are saying about Healing Meditations for Emotional Eating.

    Just what I needed. It felt healing for my body, mind and soul.

    I must confess, I found myself being a little resistant to listening to the meditation program at first (sometimes it seems hard to find time for me!).

    But I am so glad I got there in the end. The Healing Meditations for Emotional Eating Program resonated with me at a deep level and was just what I needed! It felt so healing for my body, mind and soul!

    This Meditation Program will definitely be a part of my daily practice from now on. I already feel that it has helped with my emotional eating! Thank you Katrina!

    ~ Carmelle Z (Portugal) ~

    Take advantage of the healing tools Katrina offers. Life changing in every way.

    Katrina is an amazing teacher, healer, author, and human being! Her books have been instrumental in helping me move forward towards health, happiness, and healing.

    I'm SO excited for the Healing Meditations for Emotional Eating program and can hardly wait to experience additional healing and growth from it!

    I highly recommend Katrina's books, her blog posts, and her personal coaching. If you truly want to LIVE your life, not just wander aimlessly through existence, you WILL want to take advantage of all the healing tools Katrina offers! LIFE CHANGING IN EVERY WAY!!!!

    ~ Esther R (United States) ~

    "I love allowing your gentle voice to wash over me."

    I love allowing your gentle voice to wash over me... It soothes me and gives me positive direction for the day ahead...

    The Healing Meditations for Emotional Eating Program has made me feel excited and ready to work with my emotional eating in a way that I could not have imagined before… It has also sparked my urge to work creatively...

    Thank you Katrina for this amazing program and for the chance to be with and honour myself...

    ~ Christina M (United KIngdom) ~

    Her methods inspire action which is the crucial part to any healing."

    I first met Katrina on one of her wonderful retreats and spent a week reaping the benefits of her gentle, kind and supportive way of seeing things. Most importantly I feel real benefit from any time spent with her being it reading her books, listening to her meditations or speaking with her face to face in a coaching session.

    I am making great progress in managing my life. She is an incredibly valuable resource in helping me reconnect to my spirit and regain full health.

    Her methods inspire taking action which is the crucial part to any healing.

    I am so blessed our paths have crossed and now with these Healing Meditations for Emotional Eating I have yet another tool to help me keep moving forward in my new freedom and stay connected to my true spirit with full awareness.

    ~ Sally A (United Kingdom) ~

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  • 25 Healing Affirmations For Emotional Eating (eBook)

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  • Interview With Katrina Love Senn (Audio)

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    My Invitation To You

    If you have read this far I know that you are ready for a fresh start.

    What I discovered on my journey, was that my emotional eating was an invitation to start healing...

    It was an invitation to become the person that I knew in my heart that I was capable of becoming.

    Buried underneath my extra layers were my unfulfilled hopes and hidden dreams.

    Deep down I knew, if I was just willing to take the first step, I would attract the support that I needed to succeed...

    And that's exactly what happened...

    I found the courage to rise above being sick, tired and overweight.

    I healed my emotional eating and released my excess weight.

    And now I want to inspire you to go on your own healing journey.

    All you need to do is accept my invitation...

    You are worthy...

    You are good enough...

    And right now is your time to shine brightly...

    Allow this healing meditation program to guide and inspire your journey...

    From my heart to yours, wishing you many many blessings.

  • ps.
     It is possible to heal your emotional eating, lose weight and regain your health and happiness... I'm living proof!

    All you need to do is click the link below to take the next step! 


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