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"Finally, A Weight Loss Solution For Women Who Are Tired Of Dieting!"

Yes there is another way...
(and it's much easier than you think).

Hi, my name is Katrina Love Senn.

If you are interested in losing weight, then this could be one of the most important messages you ever read... 

  • Would you like to discover a natural way to lose weight?

  • Have you dieted in the past only to gain the weight back again?

  • Do you suspect there is more to losing weight than just counting calories?

  • Do you ever emotionally eat and not know the reason why?

  • Are you ready to end the struggle with your weight?

  • If you answered "YES" to any of these questions, then please keep reading... 

    For what I am about to share with you could change your life forever...

    Katrina Love Senn

    Author, Coach and Healing Guide.

    Here's why:

    I have just created an amazing 7 day guided meditation program called Healing Meditations for Weight Loss.

    It is a revolutionary new way to help you lose weight naturally and keep it off for good.

    Can you imagine how good it would feel to lose weight easily and effortlessly? 

    Without counting calories, 'sweating it out in the gym' or attending embarrassing weight loss meetings?

    And how about waking each day feeling healthy, vibrant and full of energy?

    What new and exciting things would become possible for your life?

    What if there was a way to:

  • Live free from uncontrollable food cravings?

  • Lose weight naturally and rebalance your body?

  • Release the stress that drives emotional eating?

  • 95% Of All Diets Fail

    Most people who diet, end up gaining weight over the long term.

    You may have experienced this dynamic yourself?

    I know I did.

    I failed at the dieting game over and over again.

    Each time I would start a diet full of hope and enthusiasm, only to end up feeling frustrated and disappointed.

    My repeated failures had a devastating impact upon my self-esteem, confidence and waistline.

    I later discovered that the reason why diets fail is because they are designed to fail.

    Think of it this way...

    If you had a class full of enthusiastic students and 95% of them routinely failed their exams, would you say that the problem resided with the students?

    Or the teaching method?

    The dieting mentality would suggest that the students are at fault and should be the ones to blame.

    When we allow ourselves to take a closer look, perhaps it is the teaching method that has been failing the students all along?

  • The Big Dieting Industry Secret

    There is a BIG secret the dieting industry doesn't want you to know...

    If you've tried dieting you probably already know that you aren't being told the 'whole truth' about what it takes to lose weight and keep it off for good.

    There's a simple reason why the dieting industry does this... Money!


    Dieting is Big Business.

    What the dieting industry is interested in more than anything else is creating customers for life.

    In 2014, it was estimated that the dieting industry in the United States was worth around $60 billion.

    That's right - $60 billion. That's a whole lotta cash right?

    It was also estimated in 2014 that there were up to 100 million Americans on diets at any one time... That's almost a third of the entire population!

    Most dieters in the US try out at least 5 new diets a year... And 85% of them are women. 

    Pretty crazy huh?

    You will find similar situations in many developed countries around the world including the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.