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 As each year comes to a close I really believe that it’s worth setting aside some time to reflect and contemplate on the year that was.

You might like to sit quietly and consider what were the themes of your 2014? What were your memories and special moments? What were your lessons?

Mine felt like it was a mixture.. A powerful year for self-expression and changes filled with lots of wonderful travel, transition, celebration with family and friends and new growth opportunities. But, it was also a difficult and challenging year, too. Filled with changes, endings, decluttering and new beginnings as well...

Here are 12 things that happened in my year…

1. Damien and I celebrated Christmas in our own home.

We have spent the last few years transforming an unloved Victorian house on the seaside into a creative home that we can live and work from.

We had a beautiful Christmas celebration with some of our soul family and had a wonderful chance to reminisce the transformation process.

One of the things that I love to do is to cook and prepare food. The part I enjoy the most is creating interesting food experiences infused with love. Through entertaining I discovered the chance to fully express my love for creating beautiful food and sharing it with friends.

2. I walked by the sea...

I love being out in the sunshine, walking and stretching my body and mind. Living beside the seaside has made it possible to go walking most days, and living in a micro-climate, with the most number of sunshine hours anywhere in England, is a real bonus!

3. My Mum came to visit me in England for the first time.

This was such an incredible and amazing experience. We travelled to Italy and went to Florence, Tuscany, Pisa and Rome. In England, Damien and I showed her the sights of Somerset, Brighton and London, as well as all the British seaside towns. We experienced lots of great times and special moments together. It was fun to order a  traditional English high tea, eating fresh warmed scones, with raspberry jam and clotted cream overlooking the sea and seeing the sun melt below the horizon.

4. I experienced grief and loss at the passing of my beloved Nana.

This year at the age of 87 years old, my Nana passed. She was a strong lady, who had lived through so much. We had a very special bond. I still haven't quite come to terms that I will never see her again, talk to her or give her another hug. I am guessing that next time I go back to New Zealand, it will become even more real.

5. We celebrated the birth of my gorgeous little niece, Mila.

My brother and his beautiful wife had another healthy and happy baby this year, making me an Aunty in New Zealald for the 4th time. So now, I have 2 nephews and 2 nieces in New Zealand.

6. I witnessed my beautiful friends celebrate a magical wedding.

My friends looked totally gorgeous and I was honoured and privileged to be a part of their special celebration.

7. I am now officially able to apply for my British passport.

If you have been through the process of applying for another passport you will know that it is a big process. And to officially be able to apply for the passport feels like a really big deal! Even once I send off my final application it still may take 6 months to receive the passport but I know it will be worth it. To celebrate, Damien and I are currently watching the Downton Abbey series, which is just fabulous! I highly recommend it anyone who hasn't seen it yet.

8. I witnessed life-transforming moments at my retreats.

Teaching yoga retreats has been one of my highlights since I started teaching yoga in the Greek Islands in 2007. The healing 'magic' that unfolds on a yoga retreat is not easy to describe with words. Witnessing the healing journey of participants during a yoga retreat, is like watching a flower transform from a tight bud to radiant, full bloom. I love seeing people connect with their inner qualities of courage and spaciousness. I love to witness them experience and tap into the courage to heal, release and step into the unknown. I love to see them connect with the spaces of deep relaxation that makes it possible to dream, to believe and to transform the old into the new.

9. I worked and traveled in lots of beautiful places around the world.

Through my work as an international yoga teacher, healer and author I feel so blessed to travel as much as I do. This year I was in Vietnam, Thailand, Turkey and Italy. And, I feel so grateful. I was born in New Zealand and applied for my passport when I was 15 years old. When I was younger, I day dreamed about what it would be like to travel the world and learn about different people, cultures and countries.

10. I launched my recipe ebook on Amazon.

As a young girl, I always loved cooking and even had my own cooking business at the age of 13 years old. I used to visualise what it would be like to one day make a recipe book and this year I was delighted to launch my recipe ebook for the first time on Amazon.

11. I have started writing my next book.

It's still in the early phases so I'll say no more except that I am really excited about the way that it is shaping up. I cannot wait to share more news about it with you soon.

12. I experienced gratitude for you.

Thank you for being in my life.

Whether you read these blogs, interact with me via my blog or social media, email or write to me, buy my books and yoga dvd's, do healing or coaching work with me and/or attend yoga retreats in beautiful locations, thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart. I am so grateful for you and I feel so blessed.

Without you, I would not be able to do what I do. Thank you and Namaste.

And, here are 5 lessons that I shall take from 2014 into 2015...

Lesson #1: This too shall pass

Being a Leo, I like things to be fun and happy all the time. But life is not always like that. Nothing stays the same. Challenging times will come and they will go too. Trust this. Look for the lessons, look for the gifts. Every cloud has a silver lining.

Lesson #2: Keep working the 'inner game'

What ever is happening in life, it is your thoughts and feelings that create your reality. Keep them focused on your dreams and what you want to create. Use your words consciously. Remind yourself that you have to win your inner game first, before your dreams can manifest on the outside.

When the inner game is sorted, then you can step forward confidently knowing that manifestation of your dreams will follow naturally.

Lesson #3: Build solid foundations

I love the saying, “If a bridge has integrity it will stand”. Don’t take short-cuts. Don’t hack your life or your dreams. Invest all the time and energy you can into laying the strongest foundations possible.

Build the foundations in your life, such as your relationships, your career and your business on a solid structure. Rome wasn’t built in a day but through baby steps. Slow and steady wins the race.

Lesson #4: Grow deep, strong roots

Focus on growing big and strong roots. Know that with these strong roots you will be naturally grounded.

You might like to imagine yourself like a beautiful tree. Focus on building strength and growing roots. With time you will grow into a majestic and magnificent big tree, gently blowing in the wind. And, with strong, deep roots you will have what you need to survive any kind of challenge, storm or blizzard. In fact, the bigger the storm, the stronger you will become.

Lesson #5: Keep believing in your dreams

Our souls are here to learn and to grow. Don’t waste any time in victim mode or suffering. Know that all setbacks are always part of that growth process. Failures are too. Stay focused and true to your goals and your dreams. Remind yourself that suffering, failing and falling down are integral to success.

Celebrate each failure. And get up ready to grow again. Feel yourself getting stronger with each day. Believe in yourself and know that your dreams will come true, so long as you stay connected to them. Keep breathing life force energy into them.

In 2015, you can create and live the life that you dream of. Come and join me!

And now, I'd love to hear from you. What were your themes, lessons and highlights of 2014? Please leave me a comment below. I really look forward to reading them... Lots of Love, Katrina :)


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