Sexy Food TherapyPublication:
April 2014
Author: Melissa Ramos / Katrina Love Senn
Title: 'Sexy Food Therapy Interview with Katrina Love Senn'.

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Beautiful, humble, inspiring and grounded.  These are the words I would use when describing Katrina Love Senn...

Interview Transcript:

Sexy Food Therapy Interview with Katrina Love Senn
by Melissa Ramos

I had the wonderful opportunity to meet Katrina at Sunflower Yoga Retreats while I was vacationing in Italy last October.

There, nestled in the small town of Casperia just north east of Rome, she took us through each Hatha posture becoming more aware of our bodies.  Later through a private session, she took me through the Emotional Freedom Technique, colour therapy and visualization.  Her healing energy astounded me and I left feeling lighter and clearer than ever.  

Katrina has had quite the journey. 10 years ago she was overweight, had asthma, hypothyroidism and chronic fatigue. According to the medical professionals, she was incurable.  Refusing to give up and deciding to take charge and heal herself, she opted for real, whole, sexy foods and strayed far away from processed junk foods with ingredients she couldn’t pronounce.  She wanted simplicity, developed a strong yoga practice and 60lbs lighter and later she is now the poster girl of health.

Katrina’s love and healing is infectious as she continually spreads her good energy throughout the world.  She is the creator of, is Sweaty Betty’s UK ambassador, an inspirational speaker, health coach, workshop facilitator and teacher.  I am thrilled to be able to interview a woman who was pivotal to the turning point in my life and surely many others.


Melissa: Sometimes while making changes in our lives, we come across scepticism from others. Did you ever encounter that and if so, how did you deal with it?

Katrina: Yea, that’s a great question. I think the big thing is deciding to take responsibility for yourself and know that you are making these changes for you. Then it doesn’t matter what anyone else says or does. It’s like water off a ducks’ back. You are not trying to convince anyone or change anyone else. Don’t waste any of your life or energy on people who drain you. Keep yourself inspired by plugging into motivational books, movies and people. Healing is about loving, accepting, nurturing and nourishing you. Don’t be attached to the idea of people accepting what you do, they may accept it or they might not. Just keep doing it anyway and stay focused on your dreams and your goals. Also remember that results speak louder than words.  After a while, people will want to know your secrets and they’ll start asking what you are doing...

Melissa: When making the shift into whole sexy foods, did you find any aspect of it difficult and how did you manage to overcome it?

Katrina: Oh my gosh, when I first started I thought, "Okay no sugar, no flour, no dairy, no tomatoes, no potatoes, no eggplants and no peppers." What else is there to eat? I was a health food shop virgin but upon my first visit, I discovered all sorts of grains, and wheat, dairy and other food substitutes and alternatives. I couldn’t believe all these foods already existed and even being a keen foodie, I had never heard of most of them before! Change is much easier when you use baby steps and the power of substitution... I realised I had the opportunity to create a new food heaven for myself!  Today there are so many healthy and raw food treats that weren’t previously available. And if you slip up, no worries. Don’t even waste one moment worrying about it, and keep being kind to yourself.

Remember that a baby falls over 700 or something times before it takes its’ first step. Imagine if that was us... For most of us, after 10 or maybe 20 attempts, our inner dialogue might go something like this..... “I’m so useless, I’ll never do this, I may as well just quit, this isn’t working, I’m so hopeless, I’m never going to amount to anything etc etc...” Imagine, if we had to learn to walk when we were 20 or 30 I wonder how many of us would ever learn to walk? But babies they don’t care how many times they fall or as we would say “fail.” Eventually one day they’ll get up and take that first step, and so it is with life.

Did you know that an airplane is off-course 99% of the time, but because it has a starting place, a flight path and a destination most of the time it gets to where it’s going. And isn’t life like that, a constant game of re-correcting? When you have a dream that excites you, you can do anything!

Melissa: Everyone feels a little insecure sometimes about their body image.  What tools do you use to overcome this and is yoga and food a part of it?

Katrina: My experience was that the hardest thing to actually change was my inner picture of myself.  Even after I had lost the weight, I would be in a changing room and realise that the clothes that I had picked up to try on were far too big for me! I believe that the most important thing to focus on is our inner stuff, like our thoughts and the way those thoughts make us feel and the pictures that they conjure up in our minds; we way we talk to ourselves and the words we use when speaking to others (or about others) is really one of the golden keys to transformation. And I’m not talking about when we are looking after ourselves; say maybe in meditation or in a yoga class. I’m talking about what happens when you finish your meditation, or get off your yoga mat and walk out of your yoga class?

Someone bangs into as they hurriedly walk past you without saying sorry, or someone gives you a funny look or you get into your car and realise that someone has broken into your car because you left the window rolled down.

How do you speak to yourself in those moments? What do you say to yourself when all this is happening around you? Because this is real, this is life. When you squeeze an orange you get pure orange juice, so it’s interesting also to look inside us and see what happens when we get metaphorically “squeezed”? What comes out of us? What do we say to ourselves when life doesn’t do what we think it should? How do we respond? How do we treat ourselves then?  And whether we know it or not, we are constantly talking to ourselves, thinking around 60,000 thoughts a day, analysing, rationalising and then making all sorts of stories up to explain things to ourselves, and to try and make sense of the world.

The more we can do to get out of our heads and into our hearts, the more miraculous life becomes. When we live from our hearts we live in gratitude, unconditional love, understanding and non-judgment. Life is whatever happens. How can you know that something should have happened? Because it just did! Trust that there was a good reason for it (and know that you don’t need to know what that is!) Love what is... with no need to create a story or drama about it.

Melissa: If you could provide one piece of advice on taking the steps needed to create positive change, what would it be?

Katrina: One thing that causes so much pain and suffering for people is trying to control events and people outside of ourselves. You can never ever control anyone else. You can tell someone what to do, but ultimately you can’t make someone do anything (and really why would we want to?)

We are the centre of our own universes, and what I mean by that is that we don’t see what is really happening in the world but we only see what we perceive to be happening. Everything in our lives is filtered by our own judgments, perceptions and our beliefs about the world. And yet there is so much we don’t know. We don’t even know what we don’t know, it is that big! I believe that healing yourself is the only job you really have.

So many times we complain about things outside of ourselves, such as the global economy, and yet we feel helpless because we can’t do anything directly about it. Strip it back to personal advice – and instead, a more empowering thought might be “How is my bank account looking? Am I paying my bills on time? Am I balancing my cheque book every month?”

Whenever you find yourself saying “They should do this” – realise that this is information for you! What you are really saying is, “I should do that,” or “that’s what I would do.” Stop trying to change anyone or anything. Love people for who they really are and not what you want them to be or how you think that they should be. If you find yourself saying that, “someone should do something....” First laugh, and then flip it! Realise that what you are really saying is this is what you should do....

Our only job is to focus on loving and accepting ourselves exactly as we are, and then a funny thing happens.... we automatically love and accept others for who they are...

Melissa: I know your yoga has taken you all over the world.  What advice would you provide to those who are always on the go for eating healthy?

Katrina: Be kind to yourself, don’t beat yourself up and always make the best choices possible in whatever situation you find yourself in. Brown rice eaten in guilt is worse for you than ice-cream eaten in ecstasy!

Everyone gets cravings every now and then. What is your biggest craving and how do you deal with it?

I come from New Zealand and there they make amazing coffee. Beautiful creamy lattes with organic coffee, like the ones from Urthh Cafe here in the US. I love them! I’ve given up drinking coffee before but it’s something that gives me real pleasure, so I’m fine with that. I also drink Teeccino which is an amazing coffee-substitute. And on the occasions when I do indulge my love affair with coffee, I really enjoy it, with no guilt whatsoever. It’s certainly not an everyday thing though... like it once was! I’m a big believer in regular liver cleansing, which I believe is the best way to get rid of cravings, especially sugar, salt
Melissa: What is your favourite cookbook and why?

Katrina: I’m eating simple foods these days, mainly raw, so it’s throw in a bit of this and a bit of that, no cook books required!

But I love any of Julianos’ raw books. I have a collection of my favourite Moosewood cookbooks. These have lots of sentimental memories as my Aunt used to send them to me from the States way back when! There weren’t many Vegetarian cookbooks in New Zealand in the 90’s so having these ones sent over to me were a treasure....

Melissa: What are the top 5 qualities in a partner you find are necessary when it comes to matters of the heart?

Katrina: We create our life as a reflection of who we are and what we believe to be true from within. Use your relationships as a guide to understanding yourself. If you don’t like who and what is showing up in your life, search within, heal that the emotions and then notice who shows up in your life. I believe that all relationships are sacred, and especially your personal relationship. Your life and your energy are so precious, and in relationships there really is infinite choice, so never sell yourself short! I believe that the key things are to choose someone who holds a vision for your greatness and is committed to lifting you to that, and you to theirs. Co-creating a relationship around what you both love is the key to a magical relationship, so having shared values is critical.

Next, is someone who you can really be yourself with, and speak openly and honestly to about anything, including your fears and dreams, hopes and aspirations.  And lastly if you have any niggling fears that just don’t seem to go away, don’t spend any time worrying about them or gossiping to girlfriends about them, have the courage to address them within yourself and within the relationship. The key questions are how does being with this person make you feel? When you are together, do you bring out the best within each other?

Many couples struggle when it comes to kitchen dynamics (who cooks, cleans, taste differences, etc.) What advice would you give on how couples can find balance within the kitchen?

I love to create food, and whatever I make Damien my partner, just loves and he always does the dishes.  I know.. I’m pretty lucky!  But you know, each situation is going to be different, and I think everything is best addressed with fun, laughter, love, understanding, compassion, communication, and a good dollop of gratitude of what each person loves and is motivated to do...

Melissa: Food aside, what does sexy mean to you and how can it be applied to women today?

Katrina: Sexy is our natural birthright – Sexy mind, sexy body and sexy spirit!

We are sexy when we are self-confident, radiant, smiling, wearing clothes and colours that express who we are, doing what we love and doing the best we can to make a difference in the world. Life is short, life is precious... if something in your life isn’t working, know that somewhere within this problem/challenge, lies a special gift to help you grow and evolve into an even better person than you are today.

Keep searching for the gift by consciously working towards healing your problem. When we heal, we connect to our inner sexy self... I tried lots of different ways to heal my body before I discovered what worked for me. My health “problem” opened up the door to everything that I hold dear to me in my life today!  

When we shift from living in our heads, to living in our hearts, we reconnect back to our bodies and ourselves, and in the process transcend our challenges and heal our lives. Remember the saying “What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the Master calls the butterfly!”

We were born to be the best us possible; beautiful, radiant, sexy and free....

Melissa: And lastly, chocolate or vanilla?

Katrina: Never keen to confirm or be labelled, it’s pineapple all the way....

“Katrina’s Liver Lover” Drink....

1 grapefruit (juiced)
2 lemons (juiced)
1” fresh ginger (peeled)
1 cup filtered water
Dash of cayenne pepper (optional)
1 Tbsp extra virgin flax seed oil

BLEND together. Drink first thing in the morning.