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Losing Weight is a Healing Journey


Are you ready to stop struggling with pesky weight challenges and start healing? 

This book will help you:

  • Gain access to simple yet effective healing tools.

  • Heal the root causes of excess weight problems.

  • Lose weight naturally and start living your dreams!


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  • About The Book

    Are you ready to lose weight naturally without dieting, deprivation or drugs?

    Losing Weight is a Healing Journey will show you how...

    In a world full of junk food, fad diets, misinformation and toxic medication, Katrina’s approach to weight loss is refreshingly simple and easy to follow.

    Whether you have a little weight to lose or a lot, this book will show you how to connect with your own healing abilities.

    It will help you to release weight easily and effortlessly so that you can live the life of your dreams.

    Katrina's Story

    Sick, tired, overweight and just days before her 20th birthday, Katrina had a complete body break down.

    She spent the next couple of months bedridden, sleeping for days on end, waking only to be spoon fed by her Mother.

    This experience set her on a journey to transform her life once and for all. After years of struggle she discovered little known tools that helped her to heal her body naturally from within and in the process lose over 60 pounds.

    She has kept this weight off for over 12 years now and is committed to sharing her experience and insight so that other women can do the same.

    Today, Katrina Love Senn is a picture of vibrant health, energy and vitality. She is also an internationally renowned yoga teacher and healer.

    Uplifting, positive and inspirational; this book offers you a real path to transformation. It provides an aspirational and positive story for women to naturally achieve health and well being, as well as their dreams.

    Buy The Book Now!

    Take the next step on your healing journey.

    Order Losing Weight is a Healing Journey now!

  • Meet Katrina Love Senn

    Katrina Love Senn is an internationally renowned author, coach and healing guide.

    She inspires women to start their healing journey's, build self-confidence and go after their dreams.

    She has written two ground breaking books Losing Weight is a Healing Journey and Heal Emotional Eating for Good. Katrina has taught her unique Healing Hatha Yoga Classes and Retreats all over the world.

    Including beautiful places like the Greek Islands, Italy, Sardinia, Turkey, Thailand, Vietnam and Bali.

    Katrina has been featured on Sky TV, Natural Health magazine and High Spirit magazine.

    She is also a regular contributor for popular wellness blogs MindBodyGreen, Elephant Journal and Food Matters.

    She is a natural intuitive and has a fun, warm and heart-centred approach to living and life.

    She infuses her teaching with inspiration, love and encouragement.

    What Other Women Are Saying.

    What other women are saying about Losing Weight is a Healing Journey.

    This book is a genuine revelation...

    I bought this book after meeting Katrina in Greece and experiencing her healing first-hand. I could hear Katrina's voice as I read. Her words come from the same place of love and tenderness that she emanates in person.

    This book is a genuine revelation. What a gift to know that we can all stop punishing ourselves. I've only been practicing her advice for a week but I can visualise the future and I'll be kind to myself until then. Healing really is a journey and Katrina's book will take you there.

    ~ Brooke H (Netherlands) ~

    They should be making documentaries about this...

    Thank heaven I found this book and found Katrina. I have been struggling most of my life with weight problems and am now in my 60's, I have read a lot of self help books about weight problems this is the only one that makes sense and actually deals with this huge problem.

    Diets do not work and unless you address the emotional patterns behind what makes us eat too much, the wrong food, emotional overeat etc. the problems will continue. I am a trained alternative therapist and as a result have done a lot of work on myself to deal with my weight issues and none of them worked until I found Katrina.

    I cannot recommend this book highly enough - I have been working with Katrina now on a one to one basis and she has not only helped me to address the reasons behind my weight problems but she has also helped me with other huge problems which have contributed to my being extremely ill for a number of years.

    She is one of the most gifted healers I have ever come across and because of what I do I know a lot. She is also extremely funny, kind, and has a huge heart. This book should be mainstream - they should be making documentaries about this.

    ~ Sarah W (United Kingdom) ~

    A life altering read for me...

    Losing Weight is a Healing Journey has been a life altering read for me. I am starting to apply the principles in this book this year to achieve the things my heart truly desires.

    After trying many diets and associated activities, I felt like giving up until I stumbled upon Katrina Love Senn's website. On the website I found a free chapter from her book. One of the first things that I noticed was her conversational writing style, she was a 'real person' who had overcome a setback in her own life that I could relate to.

    Katrina doesn't put women down for being overweight in her book, she provides empathy and builds rapport with her readers. The quotes are really inspiring at the beginning of each chapter and I thoroughly recommend buying this book.

    ~ Carrie N (United Kingdom) ~

    Personal, very real and both inspirational and transformational...

    So many books addressing issues of weight loss are simply 'how to' guides, where the author seems to ask the reader to suspend disbelief or to leave their 'sense of self' at the door as they are asked to sign up to the authors view of 'how to do it'. If you do want a 'how to' book you most certainly will not be disappointed with this book. However for me, what stands this book apart from all the others is that it is so very much more. The book is rich with layers!

    As Katrina shares her story with the reader she gently encourages and supports the reader to bring themselves to the journey.

    Katrina reaches out to the reader, offering a hand of friendship as she takes you on a journey, your journey! Losing Weight is a Healing Journey is personal, very real and both inspirational and transformational. I could not recommend it more highly.

    ~ Anita J (United Kingdom) ~

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    Take the next step on your healing journey.

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