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If you want to lose weight naturally, you need to start healing.

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Hi Lovely!

My name's Katrina Love Senn. I'm an Author, healer and teacher. Today, I feel so blessed to be living my dream life, doing what I love! But, my life wasn't always this way...

My early years were filled with diets, deprivation and challenging health issues. This culminated in a complete body breakdown just days before my 20th birthday... And, also the start of my own healing journey.

Starting my healing journey changed everything for me... I began working with a healing guide, who taught me how to naturally heal myself from within.

Guess What? It Worked.

Without any diets, drugs or deprivation, I lost over 60 pounds naturally and healed all of my health issues.

Gone were the old, fearful stories, limiting beliefs and low self-esteem. Instead, I discovered a new relationship with my body. One that was kind and loving.  And, I finally began to believe in myself and my dreams.

Today, I'm on a mission to inspire women just like you to start their own healing journeys. So that they can heal their bodies and have the courage to go after their own dreams. I know that anyone can transform their health and life for the better, just like I have done.

Now I'm here to help you to do the same!

Start Your Healing Journey...

The Weight Loss Healing Journey always finds you at the perfect time.

And when it does it is great to find a healing guide that you trust who can guide you through the process.

Here's how you know that you are ready to start your healing journey:

You feel as if there has got to be more to life than what you are experiencing.

You are ready to try something new but don't know where to start.

You are someone would who appreciate support and encouragement from a kind and loving guide.

How Can I Help You? 

It’s my dream and heartfelt desire to inspire you to start your healing journey.

I want you to feel empowered to go after your dreams and create a body
(and a life) that you love! 

Here's What Other Women Had To Say.

Read testimonials from women on their Healing Journey's...

"I am living my dream and it would not have been possible without Katrina. She played a significant role in my healing journey and made me realise that the life that you dream of is possible when your courage is greater than your fears!"

Charlotte H.

Hong Kong

"The Breakthrough Healing Session that we did together was the starting point for my healing journey and the journey to myself in a life with more and more inner freedom and peace. Katrina, your healing work is so valuable and important!"

Alexandra M.


"My Breakthrough Healing Session with Katrina was a revelation and so energising. I really do feel invincible after my time with you. Thanks for being such an inspiration! You are an amazing person and a role-model of kindness and understanding."

Maggie B.

United Kingdom

"In my amazing Breakthrough Healing Session, I was able to release a HUGE emotional blockage that had seen me binge eating forever. My breakthrough was so profound I decided to book myself in for another session!"

Serenity R.

United Kingdom

"I recommend Katrina's VIP Coaching Programs to anyone who wants to live their life with joy, health, and authenticity. With Katrina's guidance and support, I have grown in self-awareness and self-confidence and live a much healthier, happier life!""

Esther R.

United States

"Katrina, I have so much gratitude for all the incredible work that you do. And I feel like the Healing Meditations for Weight Loss Program is an incredible source of wisdom, guidance and inspiration moving me in the right direction."

Petra L.


"Losing Weight is a Healing Journey is a genuine revelation. What a gift to know that we can all stop punishing ourselves. I've been practicing Katrina's advice and can visualise my future. Healing really is a journey and this book will take you there."

Brooke H.


"I have been working with Katrina in a VIP Coaching Program. She is one of the most gifted healers I have ever come across and because of what I do I have met a lot. She is also extremely funny, kind and has a huge heart."

Sarah W.

United Kingdom

"Thank you Katrina for the amazing work you've done to help others heal. I can't say it enough - your story, books, products and VIP Coaching are simply spot on. The healing tools have given me the chance to unlock the power within me."

Genesis S.

United States

"Katrina's support and guidance fills my heart with so much gratitude! Today was a big day for me as I facilitated my first mindfulness class! And many thanks to Katrina of course and my VIP Coaching Program."

Estelle K.

United Kingdom

"I feel real benefit from any time I spend with Katrina, whether it be reading her books, listening to her meditations or through my VIP Coaching P. She has helped me reconnect to my spirit and regain my health!

Sally A.

United Kingdom

"I am so grateful for your support and guidance Katrina. I would definitely not be here without you and my VIP Coaching Program. I admire you so much and feel that my life has a real purpose now."

Sabrina S.



Meet Katrina Love Senn

Katrina Love Senn is a best selling author, coach and healing guide.

She inspires women just like you to start their weight loss healing journey's, build self-confidence and go after their dreams.

She has helped over 10,000+ women start through her articles, books, meditation programs and retreats.

She has written two ground breaking books Losing Weight is a Healing Journey and Heal Emotional Eating for Good.

Katrina has taught her unique Healing Hatha Yoga Classes and Retreats all over the world.

Including beautiful places like the Greek Islands, Italy, Sardinia, Turkey, Thailand, Vietnam and Bali.

Katrina has been featured on Sky TV, Natural Health magazine and High Spirit magazine.

She is also a regular contributor for popular wellness blogs MindBodyGreen, Elephant Journal and Food Matters.

She is a natural intuitive and has a fun, warm and heart-centred approach to living and life. She infuses her teaching with inspiration, love and encouragement.



Enter your name and email below to
get instant access to your FREE Meditation!

We respect your privacy.
Your information is 100% safe with us.